artist: eo;; 

album: everything left unsaid

format: digital release

date: April 8th, 2016

label: Neutral Music (

distribution: The Orchard

eo;; is the new solo side project by Los Angeles based composer/producer Will Thomas. Taking a break from his song-based project Dive Index (working with Joseph Arthur, Merz, Natalie Walker, Mark Gardener (Ride), Ian Masters (Pale Saints) and collaborations with Roger Eno (as Plumbline) he's releasing an album of instrumental pieces that may fall into the ambient electronic category, however are born from rather non-electronic origins. Some of the sound sources include bowed instruments, field recordings, piano, electric and acoustic guitar, - many sampled, manipulated and effected. 

The songs experiment with multi-layered tones, polyrhythmic melodies and abstract percussion with accents of distorted noise.  The minimal arrangements are often linear with circling, semi-repetitive loops that evolve slowly and change subconsciously.

The album everything left unsaid is the first in a series.