In Neutral is an app that allows users to collectively generate a unique and evolving piece of music. Audience members are invited to participate in this communal composition by bringing their own Bluetooth speaker paired to their mobile device. The app consists of a grid of buttons, each of which corresponds to different audio elements. The app allows an individual user to play any audio part they choose, and change it as often as they like. Collectively, the participants will produce a crowd sourced musical arrangement within an immersive sonic environment.

If you'd like to participate, download the app here. And please contact for the passcode.

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Here are instructions on how to mount the piece -

In Neutral is an app that allows users to participate in a sound installation piece composed by Will Thomas.  The idea is to gather a group of people who have an iOS device and a paired bluetooth speaker in a specific location/venue (the more unique, the better). On site, set up the speakers in an immersive arrangement.  The app has a grid of buttons under four categories.  Users can play any of the audio parts at any time and change as often as they like.  The result is a continually evolving arrangement of the musical parts.

Here are some basic guidelines for the In Neutral app. Follow these for the most ideal experience. 

1. The piece is most effective when 10+ participants are involved. 

2. It’s best to assign an ‘organizer’ who has the passcode.  The Organizer can wait to give the participants the passcode on site to avoid previewing the sounds.

3. The finale button is intended for all participants to play at about the same time.  Please tell people to avoid playing the finale prematurely as this will take you to another page and you can’t go back.

4. Share with us any photos and experiences!   

Thank you and enjoy!