Dive Index - Mid/Air


Mid/Air from Dive Index, features vocal and lyrical contributions from the truly amazing Natalie Walker, Merz, IIan Masters (of the Pale Saints), and Cat Martino lend to the stylistically varied sound. Instrumentally, Kevin O'Donnell (drummer for Andrew Bird), CJ Camerieri (horn for Rufus Wainwright) and Julia Kent and Maxim Moston (cello and violin for Antony & the Johnsons) all add to the cast of incredible talent featured throughout the album.

Using a blend of electronic and acoustic elements as the backdrop, the focus here is on the songs, leading the listener on a series of personal and emotional journeys. Being lost in a foreign country, the insecure political climate, the lonely life of a fisherman, channel surfing, and absorbing comfort in life and loss-- these are some of the melancholy themes touched upon throughout the album. And yet, Mid/Air still manages to retain some glimmers of hope. 

Featuring Natalie Walker, Merz, Cat Martino, & Ian Masters (Pale Saints)



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